OBSKUR RADIO is a month to month curated radio podcast, hosted by co-founder Nomad Black every first & third Monday's of the month at 9 AM PST. OBSKUR uses this platform to showcase Queer / Female musicians exploring the deeper dimensions of music. These hand-selected up & coming artists that have no boundaries to what style they want to share on this platform. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts for updates.

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Episode 29: Kristen Dalen is a queer music producer  DJ from Seattle, Washington. Visual Artist & musician on @blnkstrs , they are also a classical trained violinist who uses their attention to detail to shape their bleak Pacific Northwest techno style. Listening to this mix, you are reminded of their West Coast techno influences with the deep melodies & melting basslines, grooving into your soul. We are so excited to have them taking us into the deeper dimensions of techno.


Episode 28: Kris Tin originally from Beyrouth, Lebanon now living in Montreal, Quebec. Member of the 8day collective in Montreal & recognized for her heavy but spatial influences to her sound. She has just played Piknik Électronik sharing stages with ANNA & has performed with many other renowned techno artists such as Amelie Lens, Misstress Barbara, Radio Slave & many more. We look forward to talking more about what she has on the go Monday June 18 live on our Facebook stream. 


Qu-Zen from Sydney, Australia. Qu-Zen has been leading the techno scene in Australia. Not only a Darkroom DJ, but you can find her sharing stages with some of the biggest names including her upcoming show with Stephanie Sykes & Ansome. Qu-Zen finds inspiration from the network of techno lovers in her community. We can’t wait to tell you more about her & how she is killing the game in Sydney's queer & techno scene. Tune in live to our Facebook stream June 4 at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time.


Korben & Leelee from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This symbiotic relationship focuses on the connection of visuals & audio to create their definition of tantalizing & hypnotizing techno. Not only are they leading techno DJ's in The Netherlands, this duo also airs their own podcast called Techmission Podcast where they showcase artists globally.  Korben & Leelee will be live on our Radio show Monday, May 28th at 9 AM Pacific Standard Time. We cannot wait to share our first ever live audio & visual set. 


Rachel Noon will be our final artist for the Brooklyn special but comes first in topping every major techno party in the New York Area.  She is the founding member & resident DJ to Large Marge, a queer party in Brooklyn focusing on sharing quality queer talent. She is also a member of UNTER Spinoff, a night focused on underground Berlin styled techno music. Berghain residents Roi Perez & Boris have joined this party where she was also opened. This techno renaissance women is here to bring the best of techno.

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Ana Lola Roman is our 24th guest to enter the void of Obskur Radio. Roman comes from Brooklyn with her Industrial Dance / Symphonic Techno sets. Featured in RedBull Music Academy, THUMP, and with two stateside National Endowment for the Arts Music Performance Grants under her belt, ALR has been busy weaving her bold style since her first residency at Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg (2009). Raised in Madrid, New Mexico, and New York, its no wonder you'll hear flourishes of Latin beats, tribal thumps, & heart-tinged vocals.

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Lychee is one of the leading female artists for Gays Hate Techno out of Brooklyn, NY. Lychee is also behind the podcast and interview series Spontaneous Affinity, that publishes monthly and has also been serving as a platform for collaborating on events. She is a resident for Distrikt 1 at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn. Lately she has really been feeling trippy, hypnotic techno and this mix was recorded live closing out a night at Distrikt 1, unplanned but in the end trying to blend that sound while still keeping a dancefloor moving. We hope you enjoy this mix live April 16 on our Facebook live stream. 


Teacher, innovator, and community builder - Shannon Hart represents the emerging wave of Calgary DJs that are driven by a DIY ethos & a passion for left field avant-garde dance music. Hart is also a member of Excursions FM, a group of luminaries leading the charge in the Calgary’s current surge of DIY-venue parties.  Over the past half-decade Hart has developed a reputation of being among the most fervent innovators in this community, pushing a hypnotic and raw blend of lofi & minimal techno that sets the standard for others to follow. An alumnus of Calgary’s illustrious Beat Drop school, Hart has also participated in a series of workshops aimed at teaching grade school kids the art of DJing. She aims to constantly expand the underground, passing the torch while lighting the way forward with her own.


CALLING MARIAN comes to Obskur & she's packing heat. Known for her spatial echoes rolling on acid fueled melodies, her sound will keep you feeling your whole body. Her recent release 'The Parade' on Jarring Effects Label does just that with it's dimensional sounds of trance & acid beats. Not only a purveyor of producing, she is a well-known DJ in the Paris community, & even having showcased on the notorious rinse.fm. We look forward to sharing with you more about the mix she will be dropping on Monday March 19th at 9AM Pacific Standard Time. Click below to hear her SoundCloud. 


A master of innovation & re-imagining her craft, she’s become one of North America’s rising artists. After years in the bass realm as Sw@t, she began to grow in new directions, exploring & finding new fulfillment in house, techno, & breakbeats.  While her love for bass & snares still shines through, it’s filtered through her passion for house & techno rhythms. Not just a DJ & producer, her published works are in such publications as Decoded Magazine, DJ Mag Canada, & Digital DJ Tips. Catch her mix February 12 at 9 AM PST.


Topology is the queen of the deepest darkest sounds. As a young upcoming DJ / Producer in Calgary, Alberta, she is helping to lead the movement of techno music in Canada. She recently started the groundwork on her own Record Label called VRNT, where she also showcases her own line of techno sounds. Being from such a male dominated space in Canada, it is exciting to see artists like Topology leading the techno space. Tune in February 26 at 9AM PST for her mix.


LVT is no stranger for Vancouver's techno scene. This is because she has been pushing the best underground techno in this West Coast city for years. Creating Bound By Sound, A Vancouver collective that showcases techno from all over the world & some of the best local artists, LVT has been an important member to the community. She is known for her very European sound, look forward to hearing some old school acid sounds mixed with her airy, mesmerizing soundscapes in this mix. Tune in at 9AM PST January 30th. Follow us on Facebook to enjoy this mix live.



Nancy Dru, reigns from the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, BC. Dru has been a pioneer to the techno scene in Vancouver & also has contributed so much efforts & time to the queer community, helping tie both music & gender together. She is apart of a collective called Subversive, known for bringing the best of techno globally. Dru has supported shows for artisis such as he Black Madonna, Steffi, Avalon Emerson, Dasha Rush, & Rødhåd. Known for her dreamy, yet pulsating techno sounds. Tune in 9AM PST on Christmas morning. 



Kim Pohas AKA Mojave, a Los Angeles based techno DJ is the topping the scene. She is known for running female:pressure, a female based database that is geared toward helping other female artists meet & create together. She holds two other residencies, one with Modern Disco Ambassadors (California), & Barcelona City FM (Barcelona). Mojave draws all her inspiration from her passion for capturing the decay of the California desert & uses it to chose & build her catered music choices. She has shared stages with some of the biggest techno names in the community. We look forward to sharing her mix November 27th, 2017 at 9 AM PST. 



Purify is a west coast DJ & local promoter to the city of Vancouver. He has been known to bring some of the best upcoming techno artists to the community. While also supporting the techno scene, he brings a heavy flavour of dark & eerie sounds to this mix. This is why he will be showcasing this month's Halloween Special. Tune is on October 31st at 9PM PST, get your spooky dance party on. 



Nomad Black, originally from Okotoks, Alberta in Canada. Black has been heavily influenced by their isolation in a small place combined with the weather transitioning viciously throughout the province. After a brief travel to Berlin, Nomad's love for dungeon-y industrial dark room sounds was found. Listening to this mix you will hear a mixture of these with acid techno vibes. We are celebrating one year of Obksur Radio. Check the mix September 25th at 9AM PST.



A. Luk is a music producer & DJ from Vancouver, BC. Also known for her duo, Minimal Violence, Luk has been a staple to the Vancouver Techno scene since the early 2000's. With decades of experience producing alongside her partner with Minimal Violence and her dedication to contributing to Vancouver's techno scene is reason alone to have her on board. We are excited to share her Berlin warehouse techno sound. Stay tuned August 28th at 9AM Pacific Standard Time for the show.



Lindsey Herbert has been a female icon in techno music scene in San Francisco & Los Angeles since 2013. She has also played coveted gigs in Mexico, Detroit, and Magdeburg in Germany alongside techno greats the likes of Chris Liebing, Function, Anthony Parasole, drumcell, Rebekah, Joel Mull, SNTS, Adam Beyer, Len Faki, and DVS1. With her move to Stuttgart, Germany recently, she is already starting to lead Europe's techno movement playing venues like Tresor. Catch her mix July 31st at 9AM PST



Co-owner & fellow producer of OBSKUR MUSIC, Kloves AKA Krystle Brieger disguises her true mother roots; presenting her heavy hitting dark room techno music favorites, including some of her own productions. Kloves' signature sound brings together lush hypnotic movement that are both aphotic & inciting. Her work is focused on bringing people together through a medley of symbiotic resonance. This mix airs June 26 at 9AM PST



Powershark AKA Russel Hilman is a unique powerhouse of electronic sounds. Inspirations coming from 8-bit video games, classic house, & old original techno artists such as Kraftwerk, Powershark's collection of music is nothing short of eclectic & hard hitting & he shares that in this mix on Obskur Radio. He has been a staple member to Calgary's techno scene since 2009, headlining some of the worlds biggest names like Carl Craig. This episode airs May 29th at 9 AM PST.



Andrea Su, curator of Coteof, a local podcast sharing local talent will be joining us on OBSKUR Radio sharing her our curation of sounds. A Croatian/Bosnian born transplant in Vancouver, she brings her driving & powerful drum beats combined with her deep & dark room sounds. This mix is filled with hypnotic but abstract movements while also capturing a perfectly ambient 4/4 beat. This mix airs April 24 at 9PM PST



Calgary resident DJ & Producer Intellekt AKA Brandon Chapman is no stranger to the darkest dimensions of techno. Also taking influence from the European techno scene, Intellekt delivers thunderous drums, rumbling subs, and a pounding hypnotic rhythm hand-crafted for his listeners. This mix is filled with his obsessions of heavy dark sounds. This mix airs March 27th at 9PM PST



(SNAKE GIRL MIX) Kloves & Nomad Black go back to back on this special episode. Join the founders of OBSKUR MUSIC as they take you on a dark techno journey through space. Both Canadian queer artists have been on the forefront of techno scene for the past 5 years. Starting spatial techno experience Frontier in Calgary, Alberta, these two are no strangers to going deeper & darker in the dimensions of techno. Please join us for this mix on February 27th at 9PM PST



Nomad Black AKA Emerencz Merkle has been pushing underground techno since 2011. Inspired by the dark depths of Berlin's most famous techno clubs, Emerencz builds her sound & sets based on these foundations. Hearty percussions, interchanging synth stabs & airy but creeping sounds can be found in their music. This mix airs January 30th at 9 PM PST. Click below to listen.



Reckless Device AKA Brian F, is a techno producer & fellow Label Boss of Shaping Music. Reckless Device came from South Africa to Europe around 2002 when his just 8, that change brought him that small taste & feeling for electronic music. Brian F and other artist's from the island had a project, concept, created in 2010 called "Techno @ Home" where Brian started playing his music. He is inspired by the underground techno atmosphere, creating small parties that are devoted to true music lovers.



Nomad Black & Kloves, founders of OBSKUR MUSIC who have been no stranger to sharing a stage go back to back on this dark but moody techno mix.